MS Paint Peeves

To vent some frustrations

Exorcise your pet peeves with MS Paint!
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Show us all your pet peeves using MS Paint! Anything and everything goes!

A few rules:

1. Do not use any other graphic creating/editing program, like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc. MS Paint ONLY.
2. All graphics must be original... that is, made by you. Do not steal other people's images.
3. Each post must contain at least one MS Paint image, and only one image may be left outside the LJ-cut. There is also a pixel limit of 750 x 750 for images outside the cut -- larger images MUST be under the cut. Failure to comply with any part of this rule will result in your post being deleted.
4. DO NOT USE IMAGESHACK. If you do your post will be deleted. Some accepted hosts include Tinypic, GreatestJournal, and Photobucket.
5. Particularly offensive or obscene images should go behind an LJ-cut. If there is debate about whether an image is acceptable, I will make the final call.
6. Don't be an asswipe. I'll warn you first, but if you keep it up I'll ban you.
7. Personal attacks on other LJ users are not allowed. However, attacks on just about anybody else are, so long as they're not going to browse LJ and find your picture. Then we will have problems. (Note: Public figures, celebrities, etc do not count. I don't give a shit whether George Bush or Tom Cruise find this site.)
8. Don't advertise any communities here.